Under Mayor Finch’s leadership, the city of Bridgeport has been receiving the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award—the highest honor given to cities with a record of accurate and transparent financial reporting—three years in a row.

For three straight years, Mayor Finch has successfully reduced city spending and streamlined city government while increasing city services as a result of eliminating 200 municipal positions and improving operational efficiency across all city departments. Mayor Finch has done what no other city government was able to do—freezing the mill rate for three straight years despite rising operational costs.

Mayor Finch saved millions of dollars in taxpayers’ money by successfully negotiating new contracts with the city’s labor unions. Finch was successful in securing furloughs, eliminating 100 take home vehicles and reaching an agreement which shifts the costs of rising healthcare premiums onto city employees and not the taxpayers. Mayor Finch has taken a pay cut for three straight years during his tenure to complement the givebacks that other government employees have agreed to.

The Citizens Service Request program, implemented by Mayor Finch, has played a crucial role in increasing efficiency and accountability of government operations. This program has had over 50,000 uses.